[MPA] AIFF Quicktime Pro conversion question

Scott Jacob Loehr scott at folkloehr.com
Tue Feb 10 13:22:20 PST 2004

>I have a 908 MB 16 bit 48 kHz AIFF audio file I want to resize to 
>fit onto a regular CD for play in my car. It is a 90 minute voice 
>audio file so reducing the kHz isn't a big deal with only a subtle 
>quality change.
>I first exported it from the 48 kHz size to a 32 kHz and this 
>reduced it to 649 MB. On attempting to burn it in Toast gave an 
>error that there were no enough sectors available. ???
>I then tried a conversion to 24 kHz which reduced it down to a 
>smaller yet, 450 MB size. Both of these attempts to burn gave me the 
>not enough sectors available warning in Toast on attempt to burn. ???
>What am I missing? Is it because the length is still 90 minutes? The 
>Quicktime file size is small enough to fit onto a 700 MB CD. I ended 
>up spitting it into two-45 minute CD's @ 48 kHZ & 16 bit stereo. 
>However, I did want it on one CD.
>Any & all help appreciated.

It's the 90 minute length that's keeping you from putting it all on 
one CD.  Can't get more than 79:59.  (And if it was for replication, 
it's not a good idea to go beyond 76 minutes.)  However... one thing 
you could do is to save your original AIFF as a 16-bit, 44.1 kHz mono 
file.  Split the track in half and re-import the file into a stereo 
editing program or DAW... put the first half of the speech on the 
left side and the second half on the right.  Burn a disc.  When you 
listen, just flip the balance of your car's playback system hard-left 
or hard-right.  Time to test your system's stereo crosstalk, eh? 
Otherwise, I think you're stuck with using two discs.  Unless you 
wanted to burn it as an mp3 CD.

Scott Jacob Loehr

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