Bob Olhsson olh at hyperback.com
Wed Feb 11 20:55:14 PST 2004

At 6:10 PM -0700 2/11/04, Nathan Walker wrote:
>I have been prepping a project for duplication, and the other night 
>I started wondering (probably because it was REALLY late) whether 
>there's any discernable difference in sound quality between AIFF and 
>Sound Designer II files. I realize that they end up as AIFF on the 

First off, a CD is NOT AIFF or any other file format in the 
conventional sense. Some software just makes each track look like an 
AIFF or a WAVE file.

AIFF and SD-II files should always sound exactly the same however due 
to its reliance on the classic Mac resource fork, SD-II is rapidly 
becoming an obsolete format that's not likely to be supported much 
longer. (The final version of Sound Designer II was released in 
January of 1998 to add support for PCI Macs and system 8!) I would 
strongly suggest avoiding it at this point.

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