[MPA] Recording with laptop

Scott Jacob Loehr scott at folkloehr.com
Thu Feb 19 13:22:00 PST 2004

>I have a gig tomorrow.  I would like to record our
>show live.  I have a G4 PB (1.25/512 RAM).
>What is the best quick and dirty solution for
>recording this show live on my PB?
>Appreciate the help.

Stereo or multitrack?  For stereo, I'd borrow a MiniDisc or DAT deck 
and take a feed out of the board or put up a little X-Y crossbar mic 
pair close to the soundman.  For multitrack, I'd use something 
stand-alone, like an ADAT HD, Mackie hard disk recorder, Tascam 
DA-38, or ADAT, taking direct outs from the soundboard, and transfer 
it into your computer after the fact.  Otherwise, a MOTU or Metric 
Halo audio interface.  Don't go USB.

Scott Jacob Loehr

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