[MPA] AudioMedia III card in OSX?

Gregg Gorrie ggorrie at telus.net
Thu Feb 26 11:10:23 PST 2004

on 2/25/04 3:06 PM, KathyMac! at Mac4Music at MusicareOnline.org wrote:

> Actually, it depends which version of OSX you are running.
> Jaguar allowed the AMIII card to use more than one app at a time. With
> Panther, the AMIII card is no longer officially supported
> BUT....Digidesign made a point to state on their website that
> preliminary testing showed no problems. So, I upgraded to Panther based
> upon that. What I did find was that it was buggy in terms of using only
> one app at a time. Now, I use the line out of the G4 for certain things
> and the AMIII card for others.
> You can download the standalone Core Audio driver for Jaguar on their
> site but last time I looked the Panther standalone Core Audio was not
> out yet (expected soon) so you would have to have the one that is in
> ProTools LE and if you're running Panther, you MUST upgrade and have
> PTLE 6.2.2. No other earlier version will work with AMIII and Panther
> together. If you have Jaguar, PTLE 6.1.2 works.
> Contact me offlist if you need any further info.
> Kathy

Thanks to everybody for replying. Kathy, I managed to hunt down the Core
Audio drive for Jaguar (which is what I'm now running) but haven't had a
chance to install or test it yet.

David, you mentioned that you are only able to get one app working at a
time, namely PT. Are you using the driver that PT installed or the
standalone Core Audio drive? Digidesign stuff has always been picky about
sharing their hardware. At work (using an M-Box system), if someone has
changed the output/input in the system sound preferences to the Digidesign
hardware and you try and start ProTools, it comes up with a "hardware
already in use" message, or it just quits with an unexplained error.
However, I believe other native apps (iTunes, Quicktime, system sounds,
etc.) should be able to share the hardware to some extent.

I'll have some time tomorrow to install and test, but don't have the OSX
version of ProTools yet, so won't be able to check that out.

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