[MPA] Garage Band...whoa!

Peter Kirn musicmac at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 7 05:44:31 PST 2004

On Tuesday, Jan 6, 2004, at 23:31 America/New_York, Jon Freeland wrote:

> Sure beats what I have now, which is nothing.  Good thing I didn't 
> drop $600 for Logic.

Er, wait a sec. What are your needs? What kinds of projects might you 
be doing? What's your background?

Logic may not be what you want, indeed, but this is truly apples and 
oranges (excuse pun), so $600 for Logic may be your best bet -- or $200 
for a light Cubase, $300 for Live, etc., depending on what you want to 
do. Then again, best bet may be go ahead and get iLife, try it, and see 
what your needs are -- just as some people fall in love with iMovie 
while others use it for a while and realize Final Cut is what they need.


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