[MPA] Garage Band...whoa!

Barry Warsaw mac at wooz.org
Wed Jan 7 06:20:52 PST 2004

On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 08:44, Peter Kirn wrote:

> Logic may not be what you want, indeed, but this is truly apples and 
> oranges (excuse pun), so $600 for Logic may be your best bet -- or $200 
> for a light Cubase, $300 for Live, etc., depending on what you want to 
> do. Then again, best bet may be go ahead and get iLife, try it, and see 
> what your needs are -- just as some people fall in love with iMovie 
> while others use it for a while and realize Final Cut is what they need.

I'm not sure what the retail version of Cubase SX 2.0 is, but I recently
upgraded from 1.0.6 and I have to say, I've been extremely happy with
it.  I haven't used Logic in a few years, but for me personally, I think
Cubase has a much better workflow than Logic did way back when.  I want
lots of other Macheads to clue into Cubase SX because I hope Steinberg
stays committed to the OSX platform for a long time to come. :)

So my question is, if GB comes with a bunch of software instruments and
such, can it be used with Cubase, i.e. through rewire or some such?  I'm
guessing GB isn't using VST :) so would there be some other way to use
those instruments in a program like Cubase?  For $49 it would be almost
a no-brainer for a couple of extra patches and some (easier) looping
facilities if it were easily integrated, max 16/44.1 notwithstanding.


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