Intense processors...

Wyldceltic1 wyldceltic1 at
Mon Jan 19 13:45:36 PST 2004

My 466 with 1.12 GB RAM was complaining after only 2 tracks. I am sure 
you saw in other posts I had to swipt my fella's 1 GHz G4 iBook.

AND I am shopping for a processor upgrade. 466 to 1.4 GHz is a huge 
jump though. Not too sure about heat synchs and all......<GULP!>

The iDVD part really gets me mad. I was using the older iDVD, albeit 
slooooooowwwwwwwly, in the Sawtooth.

On Jan 19, 2004, at 1:25 PM, Jay Shaffer wrote:

> First off, know that Garage Band is processor intensive. I have a G4 
> 450 Mhz "Sawtooth" with 800 Megs of RAM running Jaguar and I was 
> getting "Unable to continue" errors after just five tracks! In fact, 
> the processor usage indicator runs in the orange after two tracks. I 
> guess that to get 32 tracks you would have to have a G5 double pumper 
> with some serious RAM. So be forewarned that behind the glitz and 
> glamor of the iLife package you really need some heavy hardware, in 
> fact iDVD component wont even install unless you are running a 733 Mhz 
> or better G4!

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