[MPA] Garage Band first impressions (long)

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Mon Jan 19 13:59:29 PST 2004

> First off, know that Garage Band is processor intensive. I have a G4 
> 450 Mhz "Sawtooth" with 800 Megs of RAM running Jaguar and I was 
> getting "Unable to continue" errors after just five tracks! In fact, 
> the processor usage indicator runs in the orange after two tracks. I 
> guess that to get 32 tracks you would have to have a G5 double pumper 
> with some serious RAM. So be forewarned that behind the glitz and 
> glamor of the iLife package you really need some heavy hardware, in 

I'm not sure that your "Unable to continue" errors are due to lack of CPU
power, though on a G4/450 they might be.  I get them on my G5 2x2 at times
with about six tracks.  In my case my problem seems to be a lack of
available RAM.  If I close out other stuff that sucks up a fair amount of
RAM I'm able to run it without difficulty.

I agree that the program is a lot of fun, my wife kicked me off the G5 last
night becuase she wanted to play with it more :^)  We've both been having a
lot of fun with it, and are looking forwards to getting a copy of the Jam
Pack (our local Apple Store is sold out, so I'm suspecting it's more popular
than they expected).


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