Garage Band Constraints

Amos Jessup amos at
Tue Jan 20 15:05:25 PST 2004

My DP G4 ran all the demo files with no hitches or stalls and allowed me to
add a vocal track. 

I think the critical item is RAM.

Having 2 processors must help, though!


On 1/20/04 05:33, "Mac Pro Audio List"
<MacProAudio at> did kindly say:

> I'm not sure that your "Unable to continue" errors are due to lack of CPU
> power, though on a G4/450 they might be.  I get them on my G5 2x2 at times
> with about six tracks.  In my case my problem seems to be a lack of
> available RAM.  If I close out other stuff that sucks up a fair amount of
> RAM I'm able to run it without difficulty.


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