[MPA] Garage Band Constraints

Peter Kirn musicmac at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 20 17:40:21 PST 2004

The problems as I see it with Garage Band so far are:

1. It adds effects without telling you.
2. It encourages you to use software synths.
3. It lacks a freeze function.

Nothing earth-shaking -- and I got some pretty good performance on my 
1GHz PowerBook considering all it was doing -- but newbies should be 
aware they'll want serious hardware to really run this thing, and they 
need to MANAGE CPU RESOURCES. So, turn some of those (often unneeded) 
effects off, and bounce out tracks when needed.


On Tuesday, Jan 20, 2004, at 20:26 America/New_York, Jay Shaffer wrote:

> Garage Band only gave me four(albeit effects heavy) tracks before 
> pooping out, although I have 800 megs of ram. The project was this new 
> age thing with an acoustic guitar loop and a couple of the software 
> instrument snyths. I went ahead and mixed down what I had and finished 
> the thing in Cubase in order to meet a deadline. I could have put the 
> bounced the track back into Garage bad, but it was bringing back 
> memories of endless bounces on analog four track decks. I've got to 
> figure out how to get more tracks out of it for it to be useful. I'm 
> sure it's how the tracks all have effects on them. I'm still trying to 
> figure out how to import (or export) MIDI in the thing, and also I'm 
> trying to figure out how I was able to do MIDI note editing on the 
> Deep House Bells  02 Loop which appears to be an AIFF audio loop??? 
> Perhaps it's like ReCycle where you map a MIDI note to a audio slice.
> Still exploring.

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