[MPA] Garage Band Constraints

Jay Shaffer jshaf at jayshaffer.com
Wed Jan 21 12:54:53 PST 2004

This was posted on the Apple list as a way to get midi files into GB. 
Crude, but it works (tempo is tricky)
> Want to import MIDI-files (.mid) in GB? Read here...
> Step 1: Download MIDI Patchbay and install. Define Audio-in and 
> Audio-out for it using a name of your choice.
> (MIDIpipe should also do the job!)
> Step 2: Start GarageBand and select the Software-Instrument of your 
> choice. It will automatically detect the Patchbay-Output, don't worry!
> Step 3: Download Mighty MIDI and install. Run.
> Step 4: Open your MIDI-file in Mighty MIDI, play it back using 
> Quicktime (default), mute the tracks you don't want in GarageBand 
> leaving only the ones with the desired melody (this can also be 
> defined using the filter of MIDI Patchbay, but since you can actually 
> hear the Track in Mighty MIDI i prefer that!)
> Step 5: Select your defined Patchbay-Input in "Devices" in Mighty 
> MIDI. Press Play. Press "record" in GarageBand.
> E

Jay Shaffer

On Jan 20, 2004, at 6:40 PM, Peter Kirn wrote:

> The problems as I see it with Garage Band so far are:
> 1. It adds effects without telling you.
> 2. It encourages you to use software synths.
> 3. It lacks a freeze function.
> Nothing earth-shaking -- and I got some pretty good performance on my 
> 1GHz PowerBook considering all it was doing -- but newbies should be 
> aware they'll want serious hardware to really run this thing, and they 
> need to MANAGE CPU RESOURCES. So, turn some of those (often unneeded) 
> effects off, and bounce out tracks when needed.
> Peter

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