multi track and noise reduction

Luke Snarl luke at
Tue May 11 01:04:23 PDT 2004

OK folks

here are two questions:

Firstly, what can I use for basic multitrack audio editing on the Mac 

I used to use CoolEdit on the PC before I made the switch to Mac and 
Now I do _not_ want to buy a ProTools set up - no, not even an Mbox. I 
have a very nice USB audio interface already and do not want another.
I have and love Peak but it only does one track editing.
So what can I use?

Secondly, what can people recommend for basic noise reduction of a 
stereo file?

I used to be able to quickly and rather effectively remove noise from 
audio using CoolEdit by finding a short section of the noise by itself, 
analyzing it with the Noise Reduction menu option, saving the noise's 
profile, selecting to Noise Reduc to WHOLE waveform, load the profile 
and then hit Process. Magic.
I have Peak but can't find any similar option in it - any ideas?

thanks for any help!
:L uke, out.

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