[MPA] USB v FireWire

Cyril Blanc blanc.cyril at wanadoo.fr
Mon May 10 23:57:46 PDT 2004

On 5/10/04 6:32 PM, "Zane H. Healy" <healyzh at aracnet.com> wrote:

>> I have moved to a G5 2x2 because of QLSO. On the beast you can record up to
>> 96 simultaneous tracks
> How good of experience are you having doing Audio work on a G5 2x2?
> I'm still trying to decide if I want to move my audio for from my old
> PowerMac 8500/180 to my G4/450 or my G5 2x2.  I'd just as soon do
> everything; DTP, Video, Audio, and Internet on the G5.
> All I'm trying to do is move old forms of Audio to CD (78's, 45's,
> 33's, 8-tracks, etc.).
> Zane
I am waiting for the fixes from Native Instrument to start to make some
music using my G5 2x2 using QLSO. For the moment I have not stabilize my
configuration. I have to try to move my swap files onto another volume
because my disk are getting very fragmented. Also the raid software I am
using does not allow to boot from the Raid 0, so for the moment I am using 2
Lacie 250 MB FW 800.

QLSO has still a few problems. (you can find the list of problems on :
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/qlso )

Using the EXS it is clear you can play huge scores, a 32 track symphony only
uses a few bar in the CPU load bar graph

If you are thinking using Software synth you must go for a G5.

Before I was using my G4 533 MP, it was working great to play midi and audio
tracks, but no softsynth.

Best regards
Cyril Blanc
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