[MPA] G4, G5, multi-Mac setups

lily lilyplant at poetworld.net
Tue May 11 08:43:38 PDT 2004

Thanks for info re G5 with DVD. I'm thinking of getting a desktop system to
use for a long time (had lots of mac lemons). Want to keep costs down. Want
to make put movie clips onto DVDs. Thought of G4 dual or a G5 single. Heard
G4 was noisy. The G5 seems like more machine than I need. Also don't know if
it's had all the bugs worked out. Any thoughts


on 5/11/04 9:00 AM, Scott Jacob Loehr at scott at folkloehr.com wrote:

>> How good of experience are you having doing Audio work on a G5 2x2?
>> I'm still trying to decide if I want to move my audio for from my old
>> PowerMac 8500/180 to my G4/450 or my G5 2x2.  I'd just as soon do
>> everything; DTP, Video, Audio, and Internet on the G5.
>> All I'm trying to do is move old forms of Audio to CD (78's, 45's,
>> 33's, 8-tracks, etc.).
>> Zane
> I'm using my G5 2x2 (2.5 GB RAM, 500 GB SATA) for audio & video only
> (Digital Performer, Spark, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro), and I'm
> using my G4 500 (1.5 GB RAM, 100 GB U160 SCSI, 60 GB ATA) for
> everything else... Internet, Quark, Photoshop, etc.  I'm still doing
> most of my final CD mastering & burning on the G4.  I think that for
> stereo transfers, your G4/450 would be fine... but if you get into
> any editing, sample rate conversion, or plug-ins, I'd go with the G5.
> No question about video... go with the G5.  Internet could stay on
> the 8500... unless you're uploading video stuff that you create on
> your G5.  I've been keeping my G5 Internet-free to avoid any outside
> contaminants.  I've got Panther running on both my G4 and G5... when
> Software Update tells my G4 that there's a new update, I download it
> and test a few programs on the G4.  If everybody plays nice for a
> week or so, I network the G4 and G5 together and transfer over the
> software updates to the G5.
> Scott Jacob Loehr
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