[MPA] Gapless CDs

dags at pixeltech.com.au dags at pixeltech.com.au
Sun May 23 21:27:43 PDT 2004

Hi John

I have been using Emagic's WAVEBURNER program for a few years now.
It is only available for OS9x at present, though rumour has it that
Logic Pro 7 will include Waveburner and their Garage Band looping
program in the one bundle (for OSX only, obviously)

Waveburner can create seamless CDs with crossfades between tracks, index
points at the appropriate place and has a bundle of other bits and pieces
including access to standard VST plugins. The CDs created are also of
'Red Book' standard (though burning at 3/4 the max speed of the drive
is recommended, as I found out by creating many coasters) ;)
Also, TURN OFF the MacOS CD writer extension if you do use it. I discovered
a conflict between Waveburner's CD writer access code & the Mac's standard
CD burning utility.

Anyhoo, hope this helps.

Dags Downunder

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