Looking for recomendations for a PowerBook audio interface

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>From the standpoint of price and size I am considering:
 - Edirol / Roland FA-101.
 - Emagic A62m (attractive in that it allows external sync)
 - Lexicon OMEGA

Does anyone have any comments on these units?

I would prefer not to lug around a full rack unit.

I should add that most of my work is talking heads.

What would you recommend for software to capture audio (again not music, just talking heads).


I am looking for an audio interface for capture using my PowerBook (17).

It will be used as my primary audio capture device during video shoots.
The ability to set it and forget about it during the shoot is important.
I will be using a variety of microphones and pre-amps.
I will be recording time-code on one of the channels (as well as on the video) for sync in post.
I would like at least 4 input channels, 6 would be nice.

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