[MPA] Security Update 2005-001 killed my Studio manager!?!?!

E. Riley Casey RileyCasey at ESPsound.com
Tue Feb 1 15:50:55 PST 2005

I have been running Yamaha Studio Manager Version 2 to control a PM5D 
console for several months side by side with Studio manager version 
one to talk to a DM1000 mixer.  Upon foolishly installing the  " 
Apple security update " without waiting for the dust to settle last 
week I now find that Studio Manager 2 will not launch at all while 
Studio Manager 1 still works fine.   The Yamaha USB/MIDI driver still 
recognizes the presence or absence of the console but the app never 
gets past the icon expanding when double clicked.  Worse yet now even 
the installer will not launch - it throws up a dialog box about a 
script that can't be run.

The MacFixit website had some notes about MIDI in Logic Pro being 
affected by this update as well but no solutions.  Has anyone 
encountered this ?
E. Riley Casey
Silver Spring MD
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301-608-0789 fx
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