[MPA] active speakers

lilyplant lilyplant at poetworld.net
Tue Feb 13 08:38:20 PST 2007

need advice on setting up a portable listening environment for a  
classroom using 2 speakers.
also, want to provide private listening using headphones.
have low budget.

need good enough speakers/phones to pick up ambient sounds recorded  
by a mini disc and burned onto cd's or ipod type devices.
the sounds will accompany short video and slides clips burned onto  
dvds and projected onto screen.

I've thought of using active speakers with the projector.
seems a cheaper but more cumbersome solution would be to get a uses  
receiver and passive speakers. the receiver could also host a multi  
headphone plug.

I want quality listening environments (no loud booming woofers or  
sharp tinny digital headphones)

I know nothing about this technology. so I need direction.

any directions?

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