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Tue Dec 10 12:39:47 PST 2002

 I'm curious what happens when you accidentally leave the VoiceCenter in its
active state ( non sleep) and set the headset to down on a table in a noisy
room  for a period of time.  Basically I'm curious if it would be collecting
data  the whole time it - and filling up its RAM memory - and possibly
creating a situation where it could crash at some point .

( I understand that if it thinks its hearing commands it will attempt to
execute commands and if you're  working on a text file it will tend to write
gibberish...  I'm just concerned with the fact that it might  be setting up
a crash situation or not...)

-  also assuming in 3.0 that you were able to update your voice model  after
it had collected enough data ( ....Instead of the ViaVoice bug that will not
allow this at the present time...) - with all the gibberish noises end up
destroying your voice model?

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