[MV] Re: [MV]: new computer/human interface?

David Morrison David.Morrison at newcastle.edu.au
Tue Aug 5 22:03:10 PDT 2003

>On Tuesday, July 1, 2003, at 11:26 pm, Sophia Grimm wrote:
>>>Questions arise:
>>>Can a projector create a desktop image of sufficient
>>>quality for all day long web surfing and email?
>>>Will wireless mics work with voice
>>>Will this system come with a free StarTrek Fan
>Yes, If you are Capt Kirk or Janeway
>>>If this is a bad place to discuss this, can anyone
>>>suggest a better forum?
>>>Can anyone picture this working out, in some manner
>>>or another?
>The whole setup is a common presentation arrangement, except for the 
>VR program.

Several months ago, I saw a demonstration by a company doing exactly 
this. The idea was that the lecturer wears a headset mic, and as they 
speak, VR software recognises what they say. What is done with the 
text is flexible. One possibility is to save it to put on a web site 
later for students who were not there. Another is to display it on 
the screen immediately so hearing impaired people know what is being 

It used VV (Windows) and I believe there was some funding from IBM behind it.


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