[MV] Ilisten and ViaVoice

Donald MacCormick donald.maccormick at macspeech.com
Mon Aug 25 12:41:14 PDT 2003


> I've been using iListen exclusively for a couple of months now.  I've
> trained about 2/3 of the "stories".
> With 1.6 (now 1.6.2), correction is far improved.  It just works.
> I still have three problems, two more serious than the other.
> 1.  Recognition accuracy is far below VV at similar stages of training and
> use.  Is this just me, or is this a common phenomenon?

I would recommend going through Set Up My Microphone regularly. Background
noise can change and it is important to have that correctly filtered out.

> 2.  ilisten also adds a large number of extraneous words (I suspect they are
> breathing related).  I turned up the silence threshold, and that helped, but
> not sufficiently.

Microphone positioning is important, particularly with a microphone as
sensitive as the TalkPro Express. Make sure the microphone is approx. two
finger widths from your mouth, positioned either above, below or off to the
side off your mouth - never directly in front of your mouth.

With the TalkPro Express I'd recommend having it positioned to the side of
your mouth. 

> 3.  The inability (unless I'm missing something) of adding phrases (e.g.
> proper names), except via "Learn my Vocabulary", is a pain.  I don't want to
> write a bunch of stuff with all the names I want in it.  I just want to add
> the names I use frequently.  Am I missing something here?

You can add new words in correction as you go along.

Hope this helps,


> Robert
> G4 dual 867
> Mac OS 10.2.6
> Parrott TalkPro Express with Andrea USB pod

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