Norm Birtwistle nfb at iaw.com
Fri Jun 27 10:52:23 PDT 2003

  The following is a discussion that I've been having on a separate 
list. I would appreciate any advice regarding desktop microphones and 
how accurate they would be with speech recognition.

Thanks very much.


Hi Charlie,

Yes, using the headset attached to a desktop stand is tricky. You have 
to bend the mic arm until it's just in the right position. Of course, 
the ear phones are useless because they're taped to the stand.

I would definitely like to know more about the M560 that you talked 
about. Does anyone have more information and does it worked with OS 10.2.2?



Charles Fletcher wrote:

> On 6/26/03 20:11, "Norm Birtwistle" <nfb at iaw.com> wrote:
>     I was just about to purchase a new microphone but am concerned
>     about this thread. I am disabled and am dependent on my
>     microphone. Have you tested any desktop models? I have no need for
>     the headset and can't even get it off if I have to move around in
>     my wheelchair. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. I
>     currently have my head set taped to a desktop microphone holder.
>     This isn't the perfect solution as it is very difficult to get the
>     mic in exactly the right speaking position.
> HI Norm,
> I have been corresponding with another iListen user who is a quad, and 
> he uses a Telex m560 desktop mike. Hes new to Macs, having just 
> received one as a gift, but he said the m560 is working just fine for 
> him. Hes been using dicatation on PCs for quite a while, I think. I 
> dont think a headset mike would work very well as a desktop mike, 
> although I am no expert. Does that arrangement actually work for you?
> I am hoping that you are copying me on a message you also put to the 
> list. There are a lot of other folks on the list who know more about 
> mikes and their access issues than I do. I know more about 
> disabilities than the average joe, but Im no audio expert. :-)
> One good place to investigate is http://www.speechtechnology.com.
> Best!
> Charlie 

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