[MV] Re: Panther, ViaVoice & iListen

Martin Markoe martin at emicrophones.com
Sat Nov 15 06:47:53 PST 2003

I would rather support a small, Mac-focussed company than a behemoth like
IBM any day
Do know the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for, as it may come true?"

Large companies often have resources that smaller companies do not. Although
smaller companies may be more innovative they do not have the manpower or
money to pull off innovative software/hardware development. I suggest you
look at all sides of an issue before making a judgment.

Having said all that, they do know that IBM has sold the distribution rights
and support for ViaVoice to ScanSoft. My take and understanding is they did
not out right sell the technology as that would have been perceived as
giving ScanSoft a monopoly with speech recognition. It is my belief that you
will not see any further development of IBM ViaVoice. I would've liked have
seen the merging of the best parts of iListen (integration into other
programs) and ViaVoice (correction and accuracy).

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