[MV] Panther, ViaVoice & iListen

Erika Mackenzie macfiddler at iprimus.com.au
Sat Nov 15 06:00:16 PST 2003

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Camner spake thus:


>It is particularly frustrating knowing that iListen is the only actively
>supported and developed speech recognition product for the Mac. I really
>don't want to use ViaVoice anymore, but at least for me, ViaVoice has
>greater accuracy, and that makes it difficult to simply move entirely to
>iListen.  And yes, I am using a recommended mic (TalkPro Express).

I had a similar experience with the two programmes with regard to accuracy. In the end, I had to 'tell' iListen that I was a man in order to get reasonable accuracy. My voice is in the alto range, but is not especially deep. ViaVoice doesn't even need to know one's gender. I would rather support a small, Mac-focussed company than a behemoth like IBM any day, but what with editing and altering text causing such confusion in the text engine, lower accuracy, much longer training periods etc...I find iListen hard to like.


Erica Mackenzie

n.b. I suffer from a neurological auto-immune disorder which sometimes prevents me from using my computer for extended periods of time. I will get back to you when I can, if I can. Awl arrows of grammar, punctuation , spieling and  suchlike can hand shooed be blamed without exception own my speech-recognition/dictation soft wear <g>.

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