[MV] IBM ViaVoice 3 and 10.4.7

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David, can you explain to this group how you run Dragon
NaturallySpeaking 9 on Mactel and dictate into Mac applications?

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I think that the fact that iListen has continued to support the Mac is
admirable.  But, for some of us, ViaVoice does provide better accuracy
-- the reasons are immaterial to the practitioner.  Most of us would
much prefer to use iListen, but we cling to VV because it still serves
us better where it counts:  from voice to the page.

I have moved to the Intel-Mac and use Dragon 9 to actively dictate from
Windows into the Mac applications.  I would much prefer to use iListen
than this kluge, but it just works better in my
figure-of-merit:  accuracy.

Having said that, yes, I bought iListen 1.7 and will continue to support
iListen because I continue to like its speed and want to encourage its
development.  I hope to see the improvements in accuracy, for me, that
will enable me to switch from these other options.

Best wishes,


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