[MV] IBM ViaVoice 3 and 10.4.7

Chuck Rogers chuck.rogers at macspeech.com
Fri Sep 1 21:49:38 PDT 2006

Gavin (and everyone else):

There is no doubt Dragon has done great things with  
NaturallySpeaking. They produce, when all is said and done a program  
that is more feature-rich and easier to get up and running than ours  
- of that we offer no argument.

But with regard to the accuracy you can attain, it is only that they  
can get you more accurate *sooner,* not more accurate no matter what,  
forever. And when it comes to command and control of the interface,  
we win - hands down.

All that having been said, my reference to Dragon NaturallySpeaking  
was purely anecdotal. The real purpose of my post was simply to point  
out that, in case some people didn't realize it, popular consensus is  
that we surpassed ViaVoice in both features and accuracy some time ago.

Regarding your comment about the word "Paragraph" I would add only  
this to what Joe already said. In Word, you can use "New Line" to  
produce the results you would get by pressing the Return key once. It  
is not what you would prefer, I realize that - but it is a work around.

Best Regards,

Chuck Rogers, Chief Evangelist
MacSpeech, Inc.

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