[MV] IBM ViaVoice 3 and 10.4.7

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I would have two agree with Cletus here.  To get DNS ( Dragon NaturallySpeaking ) 9 Professional, with a decent microphone, it would cost somewhere around $800.  So I would say that trying iListen is a pretty small risk.  Besides, if iListen makes you 10% more productive in a day, you'll probably pay for iListen in a couple days.  If it doesn't work out, you write off the $220 experiment.  I'm sure you have purchased medical equipment in the hopes that they would improve your productivity, that cost much more than iListen, that haven't worked out and you simply wrote them off.



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Robert Marks wrote:
> Iif iListen is really better than VV at recognition as you claim, why 
> not offer a 30-day free trial version, or an inexpensive upgrade path 
> from ViaVoice so that users like myself can check iListen out at low risk?

Inexpensive upgrade path? Please take a step back and view the 
context. The most expensive iListen retail package I could find goes 
for $219 at full retail, when bundled with a Pro Xpress USB Headset. 
For actively developed and supported software used in a medical 
setting, this is not "expensive". Even at this "maximum cost", in 
context, I think it can be fairly described as "low risk" from a 
purchase price perspective.

Of course, for personal use by folks with small financial resources, 
the situation could well be viewed quite differently.

Cletus Willems
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