[MV] Microphone Upgrade Help- I Need Something Sturdy For Traveling

revDAVE coolcat at hosting4days.com
Tue Sep 19 15:41:10 PDT 2006

On 9/19/2006 2:09 PM, "Chuck Rogers" <chuck.rogers at macspeech.com> wrote:

> Dave:
> I travel with a VXi Parrott all the time and I haven't had a new
> microphone for well over a year now. I do not perceive it as being
> "delicate" at all. I wrapped the sucker up in its own cords and
> shoved it into my backpack countless times and it always bounces
> right back. The one thing I would suggest is to put a tiny dollop of
> super glue on each side of the windscreen where it comes in contact
> with the microphone stem to keep from losing it. That can be a real
> pain.

Thank you Chuck for your continued help. Previous to the VXi Parrott I owned
end earlier model of some VXi mike -  not sure which model - roughly the
same - and I have both of them side-by-side right now -  and I am noticing
that the Parrott  plastic piece that meets the metal head band is quite a
bit thicker ( so hopefully it is sturdier) than the previous model  ...
Which eventually broke - rendering the Mike fairly useless - even after I
tried to repair it with tape.

> That having been said, the Plantronics .Audio 85 is a folding
> microphone that performed as well as the standard microphone we ship
> with iListen and almost as good as the VXi TalkPro. It is built for
> portability (and it is stereo, so it work's great on iPods, too!).
> Regarding BlueTooth, we have yet to find a BlueTooth microphone that
> will work with iListen. All of them we have tested have an 8kHz
> sampling rate and iListen needs at least 16kHz to get good accuracy.
> We are working with VXi to try to come up with a solution involving
> their recently introduced BlueParrott, but so far we have nothing
> positive to report.

Thanks - RevDave
CoolCat at hosting4days.com

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