[MV] Microphone Upgrade Help- I Need Something Sturdy For Traveling

Chuck Rogers chuck.rogers at macspeech.com
Tue Sep 19 14:09:09 PDT 2006


I travel with a VXi Parrott all the time and I haven't had a new  
microphone for well over a year now. I do not perceive it as being  
"delicate" at all. I wrapped the sucker up in its own cords and  
shoved it into my backpack countless times and it always bounces  
right back. The one thing I would suggest is to put a tiny dollop of  
super glue on each side of the windscreen where it comes in contact  
with the microphone stem to keep from losing it. That can be a real  

That having been said, the Plantronics .Audio 85 is a folding  
microphone that performed as well as the standard microphone we ship  
with iListen and almost as good as the VXi TalkPro. It is built for  
portability (and it is stereo, so it work's great on iPods, too!).

Regarding BlueTooth, we have yet to find a BlueTooth microphone that  
will work with iListen. All of them we have tested have an 8kHz  
sampling rate and iListen needs at least 16kHz to get good accuracy.  
We are working with VXi to try to come up with a solution involving  
their recently introduced BlueParrott, but so far we have nothing  
positive to report.

Best Regards,

Chuck Rogers, Chief Evangelist
MacSpeech, Inc.

On Sep 19, 2006, at 12:06 PM, revDAVE wrote:

> Hello folks,
> Currently I am using a G4 desktop with viavoice and a VXi Parrott  
> Translator
> Headset:
> - - - - -
> From: MacSpeech Store
> Location:
> http://www.macspeech.com/product_info.php? 
> cPath=21&products_id=217&osCsid_pr
> ivate=b68d88a22c76c77c8deb9ba0a769aca4
> - - - - -
> Soon - I'm thinking of getting a laptop - most likely a Mac book  
> or  Mac
> Book pro . I also will be moving to iListen.
> So, I would like to be able to work with iListen on my mobile  
> laptop - and I
> afraid that the VXi Parrott will not be able to handle traveling -  
> as it is
> quite delicate.
> Q:  What is the best headset/microphone to use for iListen that is  
> also
> sturdy enough to handle the rigors of traveling? Is there such a  
> thing like
> a Blue tooth headset/microphone that can work well with dictation  
> programs?
> I imagine that the typical cell phone Blue tooth ear piece would  
> not work
> well - because the microphone is not close enough to someone's  
> mouth... And
> would pick up too much extraneous noise in a real world  
> environment ... Is
> this true?
> --
> Thanks - RevDave
> CoolCat at hosting4days.com
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