[MV] Microphone Upgrade Help- I Need Something Sturdy For Traveling

revDAVE coolcat at hosting4days.com
Tue Sep 19 10:06:29 PDT 2006

Hello folks, 

Currently I am using a G4 desktop with viavoice and a VXi Parrott Translator

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From: MacSpeech Store
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Soon - I'm thinking of getting a laptop - most likely a Mac book or  Mac
Book pro . I also will be moving to iListen.

So, I would like to be able to work with iListen on my mobile laptop - and I
afraid that the VXi Parrott will not be able to handle traveling - as it is
quite delicate. 

Q:  What is the best headset/microphone to use for iListen that is also
sturdy enough to handle the rigors of traveling? Is there such a thing like
a Blue tooth headset/microphone that can work well with dictation programs?
I imagine that the typical cell phone Blue tooth ear piece would not work
well - because the microphone is not close enough to someone's mouth... And
would pick up too much extraneous noise in a real world environment ... Is
this true?

Thanks - RevDave
CoolCat at hosting4days.com

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