[MV] Trying to buy MacSpeech Dictate but no seems to be at home??

Mark Gibson gibsonm at bigpond.net.au
Fri Feb 1 11:22:46 PST 2008


Thanks for taking the time to get back to me.

I got the feel that things were going well there (perhaps too well 
:)) but of course wanted some re-assurance that something was 

Look forward to a response from someone in due course.



At 09:09 -0600 1/2/08, Chuck Rogers wrote:
>Mark (and everyone else):
>Please be patient. MacSpeech is a very small company and even though 
>we anticipated great demand for MacSpeech Dictate, we could not have 
>anticipated such a robust response to our announcement. It is taking 
>several days - and in some cases weeks - to respond to some people.
>All requests, whether to support or sales, go into our support 
>system and generate a support ticket. Our support people prioritize 
>tickets starting with those people who are having problems with 
>iListen, as that is our current product. Questions about MacSpeech 
>Dictate are handled in the order they are received after all iListen 
>questions have been answered.
>Anyone who did not get the opportunity to take advantage of the 
>cross grade discount offer will be given the opportunity to do so.
>Best Regards,
>Chuck Rogers, Chief Evangelist
>MacSpeech, Inc.
>On Feb 1, 2008, at 1:58 AM, Mark Gibson wrote:
>>Let me apologise in advance if this seems a little OT.
>>However, having lodged a help desk email on 18/1/08 (Ticket ID: 
>>17886-1418011203) and receiving no response to date I attempted to 
>>email the sales at macspeech.com address again, asking for an update 
>>only to receive another automated response and a new ticket number 
>>(Ticket ID: 18684-6631012304) :(
>>I suspect if I don't post here I'll never hear from a human being 
>>(since ringing the US from Australia isn't inexpensive).
>>No doubt the response in due course will be "No, you wont be able 
>>to take advantage of the Macworld offer as its expired".
>>Here's hoping that's not the case.
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