[PB] Location manager?

david davidwb at spymac.com
Wed Nov 24 08:11:27 PST 2004

On 11/23/04 10:19 AM, "Jim Freeman" <jpfreeman at mac.com> wrote:
> What are people's experience with Location X?
I was unimpressed with version 1 but sent a long email to the developer
detailing my frustrations and disappointments. We talked back and forth for
a month or so afterwards. When version 2 was released I took another look
and felt he'd listened to me (and obviously others). I used it for a week,
paid my fee, and put it on my must have list for 'Book users. I'm all up to
date with Panther and it hasn't stopped working for me. I use it at least
twice a day and sometimes more to switch printers, network settings, default
email addresses in Entourage, energy savings, and sound settings.


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