[Ti] How do I remove OS9 from Panther?

Justin R. Miller incanus at codesorcery.net
Wed Dec 3 07:12:46 PST 2003

On Dec 3, 2003, at 9:51 AM, Murray E. Milligan wrote:

> I just installed Panther on my iBook 366SE. I like it. I want to give 
> OS9 the kiss of death to free up my now precious HD area. How do I 
> remove OS9 and other files and programs I no longer need?
> Is it as simple as dragging the folder into the trash?

I think it's been discussed before that removing OS 9/Classic's "System 
Folder" might come back to haunt you in OS X's system updates, since 
they might expect Classic to be present.  I myself have run into 
problems in 10.2 when trying to bring a new installation up to date 
before OS 9 has been installed from the Software Restore CDs that came 
with machine.

As I understand it, machines that can boot into OS 9 came with actual 
OS 9 installation software, which Jaguar uses to access Classic.  But 
newer machines, and I assume Panther installs, just install the stuff 
necessary for Classic access from Panther and do not make that system 

Either way, everything system-wise for OS 9/Classic should be in 
"System Folder", and removing it in either case might cause you 

On my Panther system (on a Titanium that can boot OS 9), my "System 
Folder" is about 200MB and my "Applications (Mac OS 9)" folder is about 
300MB.  Not huge by any means, but then again, I have a 60GB internal 
drive.  YMMV.

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