[Ti] How do I remove OS9 from Panther?

Loren Schooley loren at flash.net
Wed Dec 3 16:02:01 PST 2003

When you use disk utility to format normally, it leaves what you might call
a ~table of contents~, or cache, of every fragment of the disk that ever had
a file. If you leave it that way when you install, well, every time your CPU
looks for data, it has to read all the historical contents of the old
systems to find out it isn't there anymore. Of course, it aids in certain
types of data recovery, say after an accidental file delete, but who ever
cares? The NSA maybe. There is also an option for erasing "8 Ways To
Sunday", which randomly writes to the blocks 7 or 8 times, then zero's out
the drive.

When you zero it out, it writes 0's to every single line, therefore the CPU
sees the zero and goes to the next 0 to the next much faster. Allot faster
multiplied by millions of 1's, and whatever path to the data it left as it
searches through the sectors for instructions.

Open Disk Utility during initial install and select the disk or volume in
the list on the left.
Click Options (optional) to choose a more secure method of erasing the disk
("Zero all data" and "8 Way Random Write Format").

Also, I format MAC OS Extended without Journaling. If I worked for the NSA,
I might use the slower Journaling features. On a 366, ya need all the spark
you can get.

If recovery is an issue, forget Journaling and learn to back-up and ghost.

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> onsdagen den 3 december 2003 kl 19.20 skrev Loren Schooley:
>> Reinstall Panther, zero out the hard drive during the first part of the
>> setup (you will experience HUGE speed improvements).
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> What do you mean by "zero out the hard drive". Some alternative way of
> saying "format"? Could you please explain one step further.
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