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Justin R. Miller incanus at codesorcery.net
Sat Dec 6 18:33:42 PST 2003

Murray (and others),

I have a 30GB 4200RPM 2MB cache Toshiba drive that came with my DVI 667 
originally.  I used it from October 2002 to July of this year and 
replaced it with a 60GB model.  Email me off-list with an offer and 
I'll consider!



On Dec 6, 2003, at 10:26 AM, Murray Kastner wrote:

> A research scientist friend just upgraded his lab computers, i.e. to a 
> G5 and a new Alu 15". He had a G4/400 Titanium and was about to let it 
> go for a measly sum. Although I am now enjoying my 17" Alu PB, I still 
> have fond attachments to the trusty Titanium.
> But it is missing some requisite parts, i.e. an Airport card and a 
> replacement hard disk. It now has the original 10Gb HD and I could 
> sure use a 30-40 Gb or more HD.
> Since I intend to make this PB available to less-advantaged users, I 
> am reluctant to sink too many more $$ into it.
> Question: Does anyone out there have a spare Airport Card and/or a 
> larger hard disk for which they'd like to realize a few extra $$$ (not 
> too much...)? Of course I will pay in US$
> Just a probe to see if there are any spare parts out there gathering 
> dust which I could put to good use... (or could someone steer me to a 
> website which makes a market in these things?)
> Although I am Canadian, I have a brother-in-law in Stowe, VT who would 
> agree to accept packages for me, although it is relatively easy to 
> send to Canada these days...
> Murray Kastner
> MacPRO, Inc.
> 4501 Sherbrooke W #H
> Montreal, QC
> Best regards,
> Murray
> "Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have 
> trouble remembering how to fly."
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