[Ti] More Panther/Powerbook strangeness...

Paige H. Adams phadams at mac.com
Sat Dec 6 19:33:06 PST 2003

On Dec 7, 2003, at 7:20 AM, John Griffin wrote:

> John Griffin typed this message on 12/6/03 5:16 PM:
>> I have my Powerbook running with the top down and with an Apple Studio
>> Display and external mouse and keyboard.
>> Here is the thing: I have found in Panther that most windows can be 
>> dragged
>> off my desktop to the left side of my monitor. However, the really 
>> strange
>> thing is that my monitor preferences do not recognize that there is a
>> monitor there for the windows to be dragged into. Another strange 
>> thing is
>> that the cursor can not go off the desktop to the left, only the 
>> windows!
>> Any ideas on that one?
> OK, this is even more weird...
> I just discovered that all windows can be dragged off to the left, 
> right and
> bottom of the display, but not the top.
> What it looks like is that my system sees a massive 42" plasma monitor
> sitting on my desktop, not the puny 17" one that is really there!


I think you might be letting the fact that you have an external monitor 
confuse you. This is actually irrelevant to your situation since what 
you describe is the default behavior for the desktop. Try it -- use 
your built-in display only and go through the same actions. You'll see 
that it works the same way. You can drag windows off the left, bottom, 
and right sides of your screen, but of course you can only go as far as 
where your cursor is grabbing the window. You cannot go off the top, 
since that's where your menu bar is. As for your first post, if you are 
using the PowerBook with the screen down (implying that the external 
monitor is the main and only display), why would there be a monitor to 
drag to? This would only apply if you were using the built-in screen as 
well, with preferences set to extended desktop.


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