Alternative to Toast 6?

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Thu Dec 11 20:00:34 PST 2003


Due to major dissatisfaction with Roxio's [non] customer support, I am 
wondering what alternatives there are to Toast 6.  I have Toast 5, and the 
Spin Doctor filters have expired, something to do with licensing and about 
which they will not respond to me.  (This should not be my problem, since I 
paid full price in June for Toast 5 and I should expect to have the full 
functionality of software that I paid for.)  Apparently Toast 6 has 
non-expiring Spin Doctor filters, but I don't really care to give Roxio any 
more of my money.  They inform me that I am only eligible for the standard 
upgrade discount rebate, despite having purchased v5 about 3 months before 
v6 was released.  But that issue notwithstanding, it is not appropriate for 
them to not offer me recourse for their licensing screw-up. 

Thus I am looking for other software.  I use it to burn CDs, Mac & PC 
compatible, by both duplicating (for backup purposes) and by creating my own 
set of files for the CD (backing up images, and creating CDs with old family 
pictures on them for relatives).  I would like to be able to select the burn 
rate (1x-24x).  I am also interested in capabilities like that of Spin 
Doctor, to import sound files from old LP records.  I hope to make 
multimedia CDs at some point, so that relatives can view my Reunion files 
[genealogy software] complete with pictures, sound & video snippets, etc.  
And I'd like to convert non-digital video (VHS, Hi8 video camera) to CDs at 
some point. 

I will upgrade to Panther on my TiBook 15" soon.  Any suggestions of 
alternatives to Toast are appreciated.  Or [as a fairly new OS X user] are 
the above, things I can do in Jaguar/Panther already?  Do I need to get Jim 
Heid's "Mac iLife" book?  Maybe I don't need Toast at all; I've just used it 
for years. 

Thx, Deb 

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