setting the gateway in Jagaur/Network

Dr Trevor J. Hutley hutley_tj at
Sat Dec 13 00:53:19 PST 2003

	Hello, List members.  I have made a move from Switzerland to 
Saudi Arabia, where the
	internet connection options are not so hot, to put it mildly. 
$300/month for ADSL !!
	Yet to find an ISP that provides POP mail support or can be 
used with a mobile phone....!

	I have my 15,2" Al Powerbook (replacing the Ti-book that was 
stolen a few months ago),
	connected to a 100 Mbs LAN here at the College, behind a firewall.

	I have an "official" desktop PC, which I use in parallel with this Mac.

	I can connect to my PC as a server, and share or exchange 
files with no problem.  The Mac
	seems to connect well to this PC-only environment.  Note that 
there are 900 PCs here, and my
	Mac.  Only 2 support guys, so they are busy all day running around.

Question: my PC can access my POP mail accounts through the firewall 
by manually entering the address of a gateway (I think we call it 

There seems no option in the [Jaguar 10.2.8] Network panel to enter 
the router ID if the main IP address is assigned by the DHCP server. 
Is there a way round this?

If not, I have to access my POP email accounts with my PC, which is 
not my preference...

Any ideas or suggestions are very welcome.

regards,  Trevor

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