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Mon Dec 15 05:09:38 PST 2003

On 12/15/03 7:08 AM, "Dr Trevor J. Hutley" <hutley_tj at jic.edu.sa> wrote:

> Actually, this is my only "complaint" about my new 15.2" G4 Powerbook
> 1.25 (which has countless great virtues and capabilities) - the
> battery life is pretty feeble.
> I just unplugged from the mains, to see what my full battery is
> offering under normal load: 1h 21 min.  Not impressive.
> My relatively new battery in my Ti-500 (the one that was stolen) was
> always about 3h+.
> I have already found that on a trip, the battery is dead soon after
> takeoff....
> Looking forward to step-changes in battery technology for laptops.
I agree that the new 15" powerbook battery life is anemic compared to
previous models but your 81 minutes is pretty darn short. With bluetooth
off, airport on, and backlighting set to about 50% I can get 140 minutes
without really trying. By turning off airport and and setting energy saver
for aggressive energy savings, I can get just over 3 hours. That's still 90
minutes shorter than my iBook but acceptable for my usage.

Having said that, I eagerly await better 3rd party batteries and
improvements from Apple.


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