[Ti] setting the gateway in Jaguar/Network

Wesley Griffin wgriffin at fraktured.net
Mon Dec 15 07:25:12 PST 2003

On Dec 15, 2003, at 1:03 AM, Dr Trevor J. Hutley wrote:

> At 14:02 -0500 14/12/03, Wesley Griffin wrote:
>>  I'm curious why the DHCP server is not providing the router address 
>> when it assigns the IP address.
> Wesley - perhaps I did not explain the situation clearly enough.  The 
> DHCP server is operating normally - it does assign a router address. 
> What we want to do is over-ride that router address, and set the 
> firewall IP address as the router address.  This enables me to by-pass 
> the firewall for my POP mail account access.

That's what I figured :)

> I understand what you are suggesting, but I do not know where to find 
> "one of the startup scripts in /etc", nor do I know how to find and 
> edit the following:
>> Or, you could simply edit the /etc/hostconfig file and change the 
>> line:
>> to
>> ROUTER=<router ip>
> Could you just give me a pointer on where to find the file that I need 
> to change ?  I cannot locate this file using Find.
> It sounds a bit like the autoexec.bat file in DOS that we used to 
> customize in the old days.....

You'll need to edit this file using the terminal. Do you know vi or 
pico or emacs? Using one, run this:

sudo vi /etc/hostconfig

(I use vi, but you can substitute pico or emacs for vi). From there, 
you should simply change the line that says ROUTER=-AUTOMATIC- to 
ROUTER=<ip> and then save the file.

Running as sudo allows you to edit the file since it is owned by root 
(which is what Paul explained as well). sudo will prompt you for your 

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