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Mon Dec 15 07:37:11 PST 2003

On 12/15/03 9:09 AM, "Mike Stanley" <macguy at guarded-inn.com> wrote:

> On Dec 15, 2003, at 8:09 AM, gkar at mac wrote:
>> I agree that the new 15" powerbook battery life is anemic compared to
>> previous models but your 81 minutes is pretty darn short. With
>> bluetooth
>> off, airport on, and backlighting set to about 50% I can get 140
>> minutes
>> without really trying. By turning off airport and and setting energy
>> saver
>> for aggressive energy savings, I can get just over 3 hours. That's
>> still 90
>> minutes shorter than my iBook but acceptable for my usage.
> Uh, sorry, but that sucks.  I get 3+ hours out of my 15" 1GHz TiBook
> with Airport on and backlighting set somewhere slightly upwards of 50%
> - and I mean well over 3 hours, not 3 hours and 5 minutes.  There are
> times when I glance at my battery indicator and it actually reports 4
> hours, although I don't think I've ever put that to the test.
> I guess iBooks get great battery life period (I've never owned one) but
> I can't see turning off airport (which would essentially render my
> TiBook useless in the way that I use it) to squeeze out a paltry 140
> minutes.
Obviously if I were surfing I'd not want airport off but I'm often where I
don't have access anyway so why have it on?
> Could something be *wrong* with these new batteries?  I've been so
> pleased with my TiBook's battery I've never considered 3rd party
> solutions, but if all I was getting was 81 minutes with airport on I
> think I'd buy one of those weird flat batteries that fit underneath the
> machine and supposedly provide several more hours of life.
What's wrong with the batteries is that they are *smaller* than the ti
batteries either to save weight or to save a bit of space. Note: I bought
this machine with my eyes wide open - had longer battery life been more
important to me I'd have bought the 12 inch. 80% of my usage is between 3
job locations and home so I'm mostly on electrics.


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