[Ti] Help with multiple outgoing servers in mail

Dr. Trevor J. Hutley hutley at geneva-link.ch
Sat Dec 20 21:45:25 PST 2003

At 00:16 -0500 21/12/03, John wrote:
>We just got cable internet (wohoo!). Fast and wireless (PB G4 550Mhz, 10.3.1).
>However, our provider blocks all but it's own ISP from sending mail, 
>"forcing" me to use their smtp server.
>This isn't a big deal, as I can easily select a different server 
>when a piece of mail fails to send. It is annoying, however.
>Is there some script, hack, or way to have mail.app - based on my 
>network setting - to change which smtp servers to use? Can I create 
>two sets of preferences, and swap them when I am at school/work, and 
>then when I am at home?
>Because when I am at school/work, I doubt I can send my mail though 
>my ISP's server.

John - as far as I understand your question: with Eudoran (I do not 
use mail.app), I have set up various "personalities", each of whom 
has its own smtp, outgoing server, return mail address, name etc.

So I can send and receive mail from various email accounts that I 
have with various ISP, seamlessly and at the same time.  All accounts 
are checked, when I do "send and receive".

Some ISP do not enable you to "relay", that is, pretend to be someone 
else other than your true account ID.  Some do.

I do not know if these facilities exist within Mail.

In spite of its ancient-looking interface, I stick with Eudora 
because of its simplicity and ease and speed of use.


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