[Ti] more on Word v.X under Panther on a G4 Powerbook

Glenn L. Austin glenn at austin-home.com
Mon Dec 22 16:08:20 PST 2003

on 12/22/03 9:17 AM, Dr. Trevor J. Hutley at hutley at geneva-link.ch wrote:

>> From: "Glenn L. Austin" <glenn at austin-home.com>
>> Word (and Excel, and PowerPoint) don't support file names longer than 31
>> characters.
>> From: Dave Friesen <davefriesen at mac.com>
>> Subject: Re: [Ti] Panther and (Word) file names
>> Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 11:34:07 -0800
>> It's not a Panther behavior, it's something that was around for
>> Jaguar and even before then.
> Glen, Dave - yes, I am aware of the long-standing file-name length
> limitations in Office.
> I have been using Office for a very long time, with many thousands of
> documents, so you get used to the issues.
> But what I am reporting under Panther is something entirely new, that
> I have never seen before.
> The actual error message ("This is not a valid file name") seems different.
> Before (1998-Jaguar), the message was something else.
> I also had these messages today, when opening or working with Word files:
> Word could not fire event            (OK)
> Compile Error in Hidden Module: UTILS        (OK)
> Compile Error in Hidden Module: AUOTEXEC    (OK)
> I have definitely never seen these error messages before, nor do I
> know what they mean, or why they even appear.  I just click OK, and
> there is nothing specific  happpening that I can detect.

I would be *very* concerned about these messages -- when was the last time
you updated your virus scanner?

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