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>> My house got burgled tonight.
[ snippy ]
> Given Phillip's story and my own reported here on list back in
> November, it seems listas might pause a moment (this is the time of
> year of lots of lost/stolen 'books), and consider how they would deal
> with a theft - prevention and recovery, as well as backup.
> Using .Mac I was able to have my current files backed up automatically
> while I was working on them before my theft.
> And I have investigated software that allows IP addresses to be
> covertly sent should the thief, fence, or recipient log on to any ISP.
> Probably one of the first things I will do when I get a replacement
> 'book, as well as install Timbuktu.
> Who else can suggest protection mechanisms for an FAQ?
My loss wasn't due to criminals, it was fire. Actually the worst of the
damage was caused by the firemen putting out the fire. This was back in the
early 90's, the days of disks not CDs, but only a little would change if it
happened today.

First, I was amazed to discover that several venders, including Quark,
refused to replace disks. They insisted that the insurance company should
buy replacements. The insurance company was just as insistent that software
wasn't covered by my homeowners policy. My agent helped me twist arms and I
got everything replaced but Quark and I haven't used the software since. I
also got a rider on my insurance that, among other things, specifically
covers software lost or damaged.

Second, I had data backups but they were ruined along with most of the rest
of my disks. I learned the harsh lesson that a good backup system includes
off site storage. This can be as simple as burning a backup CD on a regular
basis and storing the old one in your desk at work.

Third, I learned the value of keeping an accurate record of hardware and
software purchases (for that matter, all purchases). My wife is extremely
organized so we have all our receipts organized by category in a fire
resistant file cabinet but it isn't fireproof. My agent suggested that
anytime we make a purchase over $250 we take a picture of it. So today we
use the digital camera to take photos of our belongings and in the iPhoto
comments blank make a note of where it was purchased and for how much.

Hope no one actually has to use this hard won information.


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