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On 12/27/03 11:07 PM, "Renaud Dreyer" <rdreyer at math.berkeley.edu> wrote:

> Le samedi, 27 déc 2003, à 18:52 US/Pacific, Kynan Shook a écrit :
>> Well, I wouldn't normally do this, but I've had such *good*
>> experiences with Airborne Express that I have to leap to their defense
>> here...  I work for an Apple Authorized Service Provider, so I can
>> confirm that all of Apple's service parts (such as your power adapter
>> and cord, or any parts we use to fix computers) are shipped overnight
>> by Airborne.  Retail goods use a variety of shippers.  At our office,
>> I don't think we've ever had a package lost, or even delayed by
>> Airborne.  They are FAST.
> Airborne Express *Ground* managed to lose the first 15" aluminium
> Powerbook I ordered from the Apple Store. After telling me for a whole
> week that it was going to be delivered "today" or "tomorrow", they
> finally admitted that they had completely lost track of it after I
> complained to Apple. All of this just before an important trip where I
> absolutely needed the machine. This is probably the worse consumer
> service experience I've ever had (the people I talked to on the phone
> couldn't read the tracking information on their own computers), and
> I'll make sure to avoid Airborne Express Ground in the future. Their
> overnight service, on the other hand, has been flawless so far. Regards,
>         Renaud Dreyer
>> cheshirekat <cheshirekat at pobox.com> writes:
>>> Apple finally agreed to allow me to pick up the part at my nearby
>>> Apple
>>> Store while they filed a lost package claim with Airborne Express. I
>>> didn't realize that Apple only used Airborne Express (according to the
>>> Apple tech) but because of this situation, I doubt I will ever again
>>> trust them to deliver my package if I need to send in my Ti for
>>> repair.
Anyone who has done any amount of online purchasing probably has some horror
story about a carrier, I certainly do. But I had an AirBorne experience that
put me right off them. One of their hubs is about 20 minutes from where I
live and one summer I worked for Micro Warehouse which has a huge
warehouse/repair center in the industrial park next to the AirBorne complex.

To make a long story short, I missed deadline on a repair for an important
client and once I was finished the shop manager had me hustle the package
over to AirBorne to see if it could still make the flight. When I walked
onto the sorting floor I was absolutely amazed by what I saw. There was an
army of men and women taking packages from feeder conveyer belts and hand
sorting them onto other conveyer lines or huge bins. I saw packages clearly
marked "fragile" being tossed like medicine balls across the floor. I even
saw a guy purposely drop a monitor box and say, "I bet this won't work now!"

I don't know how representative that was but whenever possible, today I
specify a carrier other than airborne.


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