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On 12/29/03 6:37 AM, "Steve Wozniak" <steve at woz.org> wrote:

> At 5:25 AM -0600 2003.12.29, Kynan Shook wrote:
>> Several times I have flown with my cello; not a cheap instrument,
>> unfortunately, and very easily damaged.  I spent well over an hour packing
>> it...  Loosening the strings just a little (but not too much, or the
>> soundpost can fall), packing every square inch of open space in the case with
>> socks and towels to keep things from getting banged around too much, then
>> sealing the case and wrapping it in bubble wrap...  I was lucky in one of the
>> travels (both were with an orchestra), in that they put all of our large
>> instruments into a container to be loaded directly onto the plane, and not
>> bounced around on conveyor belts.  Even so, when a relative travelled across
>> the country to loan me a much better cello, we purchased a seat on the plane
>> for it, rather than risk getting it dropped.
> A musician friend of mine, Roger McGuinn, always buys an extra seat for his
> guitar. Same reasoning, I guess.
I don't know about modern aircraft but I remember when I was a kid my father
always took his sax as carryon because the plane's baggage area wasn't
pressurized or heated.

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