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Michael Bigley wakinyan at fuse.net
Tue Jul 1 16:19:09 PDT 2003

>>My greatest reason for abandonong them is their participation in 
>>the "barely legal" direct mail to domain owners that their domain 
>>was about to expire.   Anyone who engages in such disreputable 
>>business practices does not deserve my business.
>Is there a not to much or to little in the statement above? As I 
>read it you object to that somebody being adviced that it is time to 
>renew their domain registration so that it shouldn't expire? And you 
>feel this should be considered barely legal? I must interpret this 
>wrongly somehow.
>Surely it is just nice to be reminded so that nobody else can pinch 
>your domain because you have missed the renewal.

A) Often the domains are months away from expiring... it is a "scare tactic".
B) They are not sending these letters to THEIR customers, they are 
sending them to everyone else's customers, with fine print at the 
bottom or back of the letter that the piece is an advertisement 
(which legally covers them). They make the piece look like a renewal 
form, when in actuality it is a transfer form.

Obviously designed by a grifter-turned-marketing-exec.
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