[Ti] best speakers for travelling

Deborah Shadovitz Deb at Shadovitz.com
Mon Jul 7 00:26:24 PDT 2003

On 7/4/03 8:11am, "Malcolm Hamilton" <malcolm_hamilton at cbc.ca> typed:

> Hello everyone -
> Aplogies if this has been covered already!
> I travel with my Ti, and want to bring along some external speakers.
> I've checked out the tiny compact units that are designed for this
> very purpose (the Sony model folds flat, for example), but the sound
> quality is pretty bad.
> If I'm willing to make a little more room in my luggage, what speaker
> system would be good, without being too bulky or breakable?
> Any suggestions?
> Thank you,
> Malcolm

Mark's speakers look cool!
I have the Sony SRS-T55, purchased at the Apple store where they had them on
display. They are not separate though. They use regular audio plug, not USB.
Run on 4 batteries. I had the Sony webpage bookmarked but don't have it
handy.  They sound great to me.

They take up very little room but with batteries in them they do not feel

When I first got them I was able to hear the music whether they were on or
off, but they sounded much better on. Now, I have to turn them on to hear
through them. I know this does not sound logical; they should have always
had to be on. You may think I am hallucinating - and I feel as if I was.

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