[Ti] PB 12" fragility was [Ti] Titanium G4 Pros and cons

Wesley Griffin wgriffin at jtan.com
Fri Jul 11 07:49:35 PDT 2003

On Friday, July 11, 2003, at 10:26 AM, Chris Scott wrote:

> Actually, a lot of us would like to hear about this, on-list, please!

I've had a LittleAl since the end of January. I carry it to work and 
home every day in a backpack designed for carrying a laptop (it's got a 
pocket at the back of the main compartment that holds my laptop and 
some folders). I've accidentally tossed the backpack around a couple of 
times. I've been on a couple of cross-country trips already with the 
thing and used it on most of the flights. I carry it around 
conferences, both while its sleeping and occasionally lid-up, 
unsleeping. I sit it on my desk at work and use it in my lap at home. I 
plug peripherals in and out all the time. External lcds, drives, 
keyboards. Needless to say I use this thing *a lot* and I think I give 
it more abuse than your average user.

So almost 6 months of heavy, daily, somewhat abusive use.


I've lost the rubber feet on the bottom of the case. That's it.

After Support told me it would require a $600 bottom-case replacement 
that wasn't under warranty, my Apple Store told me to bring it in and 
they'd reattach some rubber feet on free of charge.

I looked at the 15, thought about waiting for the 17, but the 12 is 
just the perfect size for all of the travel that I do. It's by far the 
*best* laptop I've used. Speed, size, weight, and OS X of course :)

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