Jason L. Petersen jlpgraphics at usa.net
Thu Jul 17 06:11:50 PDT 2003

Phew!  Thanks to all the wonderful advice I got form everyone on this.  I
used an organic orange cleaner (Mr. Clean) for the screen and hair spray for
the case.  NO paint or any speckles remain and there was quite a bit that
had splattered.   Thanks!

On 7/16/03 9:50 AM, "Jason L. Petersen" <jlpgraphics at usa.net> wrote:

> Help!  I was using a ball point pen and it just splattered on my PowerBook.
> Its on the titanium part as well as some of it on the screen.  I have tried
> some very moderate cleaner with no avail.  Any suggestions? I need to get
> this off as soon as possible.  Thanks!
> -Jason
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